LeccEscape Escape Room Lecce is available in english

Quanto Costa?

Il costo di un'ora di gioco per 2 o 3 giocatori è di EUR 50. Da 4 giocatori in poi, il costo è di 15 EUR a persona. Il pagamento avviene in loco, prima di iniziare la sessione di gioco.

Come si prenota?

Si prenota online su questo sito web fino a 3 ore prima della sessione. Basta scegliere giorno e ora nel calendario e seguire le istruzioni. Per prenotazioni last minute potete chiamare il 351.2986634

Pacchetti regalo

Se vuoi fare un regalo gradito e originale, regala un buono per giocare a LeccEscape. Non ci sono sovrapprezzi e il destinatario del regalo può prenotare quando preferisce. Telefona al 351.2986634 o scrivici un'email

Novità! Modalità testa a testa

Una novità esclusiva per i gruppi numerosi! La modalità testa a testa permette di formare due team che gareggeranno contemporaneamente e nello stesso scenario. Clicca qui per maggiori dettagli!

We solemnly swear that we will not let you go easily

An exciting gaming experience

A room, a closed door, a group of friends and their shrewdnes.

You are in a room whose only exit is blocked. Only you, your friends and your ability to solve puzzles.

Because the key is in there somewhere, hidden behind a series of puzzles to be solved with logic and cunning.

Explore the environment, collaborate to find objects and find a way to combine them to solve puzzles. You will activate hidden mechanisms, you will open invisible doors. Each puzzle seems to lead to a new enigma.

As long as you solve the last puzzle and the key to the exit will be yours ...

... if you succeed in an hour!

Book now!

Booking is easy!

To play LeccEscape you must book. You can book through this website, by clicking on "Book now!" button

You can book directly on this website: simply enter the room, the day and time, the number of players and the team name. Obviously the game is more difficult if the team consists of only two people.

You can pay in cash, just before entering the room.

The game lasts an hour effective, there is a countdown in every room indicating the time remaining. Appointments are scheduled every hour and a half, however is better to be on time to be sure of being able to play for one full hour.

Book now!

All that you have to know!

How many people can play LeccEscape?

The game is designed to be played by teams of 2 to 6 players. To solve a Room Escape game like LeccEscape is necessary to cooperate in solving the puzzles, so it is not possible (and above all it would not be fun!) to play alone.


Who is it for the game?

LeccEscape will appeal to all those aged 13 years and older, who love to solve puzzles, questions, search for clues and having fun with their friends! Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Is the game scary?

Absolutely not! The game does not have scary situations or themes gory. Its appeal is based on puzzles and atmosphere, not on easy tricks!


I will be really locked in a room?

Be genuinely closed in the room increases the atmosphere and realism of the game. The game is watched by cameras, and if there were to be an unexpected event or a player request it, we can open the door of the room in a few moments. However, it is not necessary that the door is locked: Before you start you will be asked to specify your preference about.

What if I change my mind after I have booked?

You can cancel your reservation within 24 hours before the start of the game session, by clicking on the link you receive by email when booking. If you had opted for payment via paypal, you will get as refund a voucher for another session, to be played in place of the canceled


What if I get stuck on a puzzle?

During the game it can happen to run into a particularly difficult riddle. In this case, we will give you a little tip to help you get over the difficulty

Is the game available in english?

Yes! The Room "The exorcism of tarantata" is available in english!

Where we are

We are in Lecce, in the heart of the city!

A few steps from Piazza Sant'Oronzo

and from Carlo V castle,

in front of the "Massimo" Multiplex.

Our rooms are the finest,

most accurate and

most ECONOMIC in Lecce!

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